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Kazim Öz - Once Upon A Time (He bû tune bû) - documentaire, Engels ondertiteld.
Turks/Koerdisch gesproken, Engels ondertiteld

zo 20.05.2018, 15:00 uur
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A large and poor Kurdish family travels, as always, from their hometown of Batman to the vicinity of the capital city, Ankara, to grow lettuce as hired hands. A sudden explosion of love will change their story forever. The film gives almost a complete lecture on growing a lettuce, starting from its seed to its becoming a salad an astonishing work on the story, the struggle, the hard work behind each fruit and vegetable we feast on.

An estimated 1 million people in Turkey work as hired hands in agriculture a form of vast exploitation of labor. They work without any insurance whatsoever and are paid extremely low wages. Most of them are Kurdish and, to top it all, underage. It is art against the sharp class struggle that continues to-date, against new ways of colonialism and against people alienated from what they produce and consume. Art should continue to be the conscience of humanity.

This Sunday Koz Film welcomes you to prominent Kurdish director Kazim Özs two most recent documentaries Once Upon A Time and The White Sycamores screenings at Mozaiek Podium at 3:00PM and 5:00 PM.

Once Upon A Time is playing a modern epic role in that fiction and documentary are intermingled through the real stories of workers who are hired for agricultural works every season. The second documentary, Kazm Özs last feature documentary Çinara Sipî (The White Sycamore) is a dedication to grand masters who were much interrelated with nature. Throughout the documentary, we are invited to witness how Zeynel Kahraman (living in mountains village of province Hozat as a Kurdish music master, artisan, woodshaping and storyteller) kept himself in production, rather than being swayed by capitalist estranging effects on social life to loneliness.


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