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Kazim Öz - The White Sycamore (Çinara Sipî) - documentaire, Engels ondertiteld.
Turks/Koerdisch gesproken, Engels gesproken

zo 20.05.2018, 17:00 uur
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Zeynel Dede who lives in a mountain village of Hozat, Dersim is almost a hundred years old and a man of many talents. He has left his legacy in the areas of music, instruments, writing lyrics, masonry, wood shaping, husbandry and beekeeping. He has composed many popular songs. His specially made dowry chests for young girls are still talked about and preserved. He can also play the music instruments that he makes in his workshop such as baglama and violin. Some of the stone houses that he once built in Dersim still stand still. The White Sycamore gets caught in the melodies and stones, witnesses the relationships, pains, and joys within the family while discovering new masters that remained from Zeynel Dede.

The documentary reveals how Zeynel Dede produces his songs while he is trying to pass them down to the next generations with the help of his grandsons. This shooting process has continued for 10 years is one of the interesting points of the film because this kind of long witnessing makes the process very precious in that we can closely see that Kurdish oral history is on the edge of being flourishing with the help of Zeynel Dede and his vigorous dedication to Kurdish culture, geography and people.

This Sunday Koz Film welcomes you to prominent Kurdish director Kazim Öz's two most recent documentaries Once Upon A Time and The White Sycamores screenings at Mozaiek Podium at 3:00PM and 5:00 PM.

Once Upon A Time is playing a modern epic role in that fiction and documentary are intermingled through the real stories of workers who are hired for agricultural works every season. The second documentary, Kazm Öz's last feature documentary Çinara Sipî (The White Sycamore) is a dedication to grand masters who were much interrelated with nature. Throughout the documentary, we are invited to witness how Zeynel Kahraman (living in mountains village of province Hozat as a Kurdish music master, artisan, woodshaping and storyteller) kept himself in production, rather than being swayed by capitalist estranging effects on social life to loneliness.


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