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Podium Mozaïek is looking for new colleages to join our kitchen crew and hospitality team! Download the jobdescription for Hospitality Worker Sous Chef or Click here to view all job vacancies.

Cafe Mozaïek: Perfect place to be

Podium Mozaïek and Café Mozaïek are located in Bos & Lommer, a very vibrant part of Amsterdam, within 20 minutes distance from the city center. Café Mozaïek is the perfect place to go for lunch, share dinner or have some drinks.

Our kitchen team works with seasonal dishes and ingredients and is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine. During the week you will find neighbours enjoying lunch or coffee as well as artists, students and freelancers have meetings or digital nomads working remotely.

Our playlists invite you into the worlds of jazz, hiphop, classic soul and funk, but every now and then we get into some Andalusian and Turkish vibes or some dub and psychedelic sounds. During festivals and comedy events you will also find live music or DJ in the foyer.

The bar is open for drinks, cocktails, handpicked drafted beers, lemonades and solid coffees and during springtime and summer you can fully enjoy our lovely terrace. Hope to see you soon!


Opening hours Café Mozaïek

Maandag | Restaurant & café/ bar closed 
Dinsdag | Restaurant & café/ bar closed
Woensdag| Restaurant open:11.00 uur – 21.00 uur | Café/ bar open:11.00 uur – 23.00 uur 
Donderdag | Restaurant open: 11.00 uur – 21.00 uur | Café/ bar open: 11.00 uur – 23.00 uur 
Vrijdag | Restaurant open: 11.00 uur – 21.00 uur | Café/ bar open: 11.00 uur – 00.00 uur 
Zaterdag | Restaurant open: 11.00 uur – 21.00 uur | Café/ bar open: 11.00 uur – 00.00 uur 
Zondag | Restaurant open:11.00 uur – 21.00 uur | Café/ bar open:11.00 uur – 23.00 uur 


For reservations 24hours in advance, please Click here . Reservations on the same day can only be made by phone, please call 020-5800383, or book a table on the spot.


Call our café-restaurant at 020-5800383 or mail to


Podium Mozaïek is an inspiring location with a unique character and relaxed atmosphere. As we provide theatre and event facilities you will find the perfect event venue. We provide professional technical and practical support, catering and assist you where needed during the (pre)production of your event.

All our spaces are very flexible to use which makes them suitable for various professional activities, private dinners and parties. The theatre space has great acoustics and is therefore ideally suited for performances, presentations, conferences, debates and more. Our two bright studios are ideal for intimate performances, rehearsals and meetings.

The café-restaurant is distinguished by the characteristic wall of handmade Iznik ceramics and comfortable lounge corners. This space can also be rented for a private dinner or party. The cosy café area contains a small stage and a bar and is therefore also suitable for smaller performances or radio recordings.Download our cateringpackage here.

Podium Mozaïek is easily accessible by public transport and minutes from the ring road and the Centre of Amsterdam. A parking garage is nearby.

Have a look at our location here.

If your interested in hosting your event in Podium Mozaïek, please contact us via or 020-5800388.

Podium Mozaïek is an international theatre, cafe and a home to artists, creatives and lovers of performing arts

Podium Mozaïek is established in an old church in Amsterdam West. A great venue with beautiful mosaic windows and an interior filled with artisan tiles. We are a home to artists, producers, directors, creatives and all lovers of performing arts.

Throughout the year our international programme offers a wide range of world music, theatre plays, exhibitions, comedy shows, storytelling and spoken word performances by both national as internatonal artists. We collaborate with major festivals such as Julidans, IDFA and The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival for you to enjoy moving, inspiring and eclectic programming .

If you're looking for a nice venue to host your event, Podium Mozaïek might be the right spot for you. The beautiful theatre space, studio's and cafe are perfectly suitable to host your business events, workhops, meetings, presentations as well as celebrations, dinners and all kinds of social gatherings. Our kitchen team is able to provide catering as you wish and our production and technical team will assist you where needed. For more information, please get in touch with our team.


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Julidans: Corpus Criolla -
Faizah Grootens
Sat 6 Jul '24 20:30
Be Connected: My Happy Place
Sun 14 Jul '24 10:30
Be Connected: My Happy Place
Sun 14 Jul '24 16:00
Beeldende kunst
Expositie: Turkse Pizza -
Oli Ulas Uygun
Tue 15 Oct '24 - Sun 3 Nov '24
Takadaaap! VIP Kids première! (3+) -
Sun 27 Oct '24 14:00
Kindervoorstelling, Muziektheater