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Wij volgen de richtlijnen van het RIVM. Hiervoor hebben we maatregelen genomen om o.a. 1,5 meter afstand te bewaren tussen bezoekers en personeel. Op deze manier kunnen we u veilig en met plezier ontvangen. Lees hier meer.
Binnenkort in Podium Mozaïek
The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival -
Talk: The Art of Quarantine
Sun 1 Nov '20 17:30
Storytelling Festival - Storytelling
Arabische geheimen -
Willy Felice
Thu 12 Nov '20 17:30 - Sun 10 Jan '21
Expositie - Beeldende kunst
Club Mozaïek Live: Secret Rendezvous + afterparty
Fri 13 Nov '20 21:30
Club Mozaiek Live - Muziek
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE) -
Lach, huil, bid en bemin
Thu 21 Jan '21 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE) -
Cuba Blues
Thu 15 Apr '21 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE) -
Thu 7 Oct '21 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek
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The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival - Selin Akkulak and Sia Cyrroes: Salt and Fire (try-out)
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€ 15.50

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival
Selin Akkulak and Sia Cyrroes: Salt and Fire (try-out)

Sun 1 Nov '20 14:00
Storytelling Festival - Storytelling

Nieuwe show geregisseerd door Raphael Rodan

This performance is in english

Two revealing and touching monologues, told by young and promising actors.
A daughter and her father bond over a love for places left behind. A young man faces death, what he sees places him on a new path.
DISCLAIMER: This show is a try-out, so raw and fresh. In non-corona times it would have played a few times for an audience to ripen. But what you get is the beautiful try-out of two upcoming artists. Especially recommended for those who both love stories as well as the artistic struggle of fresh storytellers.

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Selin began her acting career at the age of 12 with a permanent role in the children’s series Vrijland. Hereafter, she played in series like Verborgen Verhalen, Bad Influencer and Mocro Maffia.
She is also a singer-songwriter and has performed at a number of festivals, often accompanying herself on the piano. She won the Street Life Awards in 2012 and was awarded at the Geld Zonder Geweld (Hero Without Violence) Festival with her self-written song about domestic violence.
From 2016, Selin has been an actress and maker for theater group DOX, a dynamic group of independent and versatile artists, based in Utrecht. She is currently in her third year at the Amsterdam Theatre Academy.

Sia Cyrroes is known for his role as a refugee in SpangaS, a Dutch tv show for kids. His character Ramin was a refugee from Iran and played in SpangaS for three seasons. His storyline was about adjusting to a new country and making new friends in a different culture. He now study's at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam, next to working for tv and movies.

Artists: Selin Akkulak and Sia Cyrroes
Director: Raphael Rodan

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