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Soon at Podium Mozaïek
Expositie: The First Reveal -
Wessam Matouk
Thu 12 May '22 - Sun 3 Jul '22
Beeldende kunst
Turks gesproken Hasret -
Hasret Gültekin
Sun 22 May '22 17:00
Gastprogrammering - Musical
Turks gesproken Erkek Aklı -
Orontes Productions
Sun 29 May '22 19:00
Turks gesproken BEN ANADOLU -
Sun 5 Jun '22 14:00
Badtime Stories -
Amsterdam Gay Men's Chorus
Fri 17 Jun '22 20:30
Gastprogrammering - Musical
Badtime Stories -
Amsterdam Gay Men's Chorus
Sat 18 Jun '22 15:00
Gastprogrammering - Musical
Badtime Stories -
Amsterdam Gay Men's Chorus
Sat 18 Jun '22 20:30
Gastprogrammering - Musical
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The old and young Songs - Quintet Concert
Stichting Iraanse muziek Parnian

Fri 24 Jun '22 - 20:00

Internationally acclaimed composer and virtuoso Tar and Setar player Hamid Motebassem has been captivating audiences in various cities and festivals around the world for the past thirty years. With more than 1.500 performances to his credit, this prominent Iranian musician will now be touring Europe with a gifted emerging singer and three talented young musicians. The featured singer, Hossein Baharbin, and musicians Samira Golbaz, Kaveh Mahmoudiyan and Alireza Mehdizadeh, have learned the principles of classical Iranian music with eminent maestros from recognized music schools and universities. Honing their experience at music festivals, these young artists encapsulate the beauty and harmony of the classical tradition in their performances.

Hamid Motebassem Tar & Setar
Kaveh Mahmudiyan Tonbak
Hossein Baharbin Vocal
Samira Golbaz Bamtar
Alireza Mehdizadeh Kamancheh.

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