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Soon at Podium Mozaïek
Expositie: The First Reveal -
Wessam Matouk
Thu 12 May '22 - Sun 3 Jul '22
Beeldende kunst
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Gastprogrammering - Musical
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Amsterdam Gay Men's Chorus
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Gastprogrammering - Musical
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Expositie: The First Reveal
Wessam Matouk

Thu 12 May '22 -
Beeldende kunst
Café Mozaïek

Being known for his hand-drawn optical illusion drawings, Wessam’s artworks create a remarkable impression the moment you see those works.

Wessam is a self-taught artist based in Amsterdam and proud owner of WSM-arts. He started his artistic journey at the beginning of 2016 as a hobby, which turned thanks to his passion into a profession. His previous study (Geology) was the main inspiration during the earlier days of his artistic journey. After being inspired by the Dutch artist M.C. Escher, he started creating his complex drawings using only a pencil, tringler ruler, and compass as a primary tools. All his artworks have been hand-drawn carefully with much passion to demonstrate the beauty and power of the lines based on mathematic  calculations, but also to reflect stories, opinions, and thoughts around us nowadays.

Wessam seeks to use uncomplicated materials and techniques to create his complex patterns, and most of his artworks are in Black & White with a splash of a few colours such as gold or orange. This combination symbolises strength and elegance, besides creating the contrast effect. Moreover, to show the contrast in terms of materials and process since most of the artworks are done on different types of paper to maintain simplicity.

Wessam’s artworks are organised based on the dimension into four series where the biggest artworks have a size of 30x30 cm. Each series has a unique style featuring optical illusion, super detailed and tiny artworks, ending with landscape works with a minimalist twist.

The exhibition The First Reveal can be visited from May 12th untill July 3rd. The opening takes places on Thursday May 12th, the entrance is free, you can register via 


About Wessam Matouk (1990)

Wessam (Arabic name means medallion) is originally Syrian based in Oostzaan, with a bachelor's degree in Applied Geology from the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Aleppo University, Syria. Currently, he is in his 2nd year as a bachelor student at Amsterdam University of Applied Science ofInternational Businesses, besides being active in the Dutch creative industry as a creative entrepreneur.  Besides enjoying cycling, cultural events and meeting people, Wessam loves to be surrounded bynature. His favourite destination is Scandinavia, where he can enjoy the landscape where the mountains meet the seashores, which can be sometimes noticed in his artworks.

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