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Nagesprek met Christian Guerematchi en Richard Kofi

Hissy Fit
Christian Guerematchi

Thu 27 Oct '22 , 20:30
Dans, Film

An echo between bodies

Driven by the raw energy of rap music, three black bodies will experience their 'hissy fit'; an emotional outburst of despair and frustration. Hidden behind masks the powerful trio will go into a daze that gives them a frightening power. They are trapped in their own bodies and frantically look for a way out. Emotions explode and imposed stigmas seem to be confirmed.


Christian Guerematchi will dance with Mark 'Brui5er' Sheats and Michael Wanga, and together they form a powerful trio that portrays the stigma that connects black identity to violence - from history books to modern media.


Hissy Fit connects the virile dance styles breaking and krump and the popular music movement drill rap. Afro-pessimism is the common thread in the performers' relationships with each other and with the audience. Together they symbolize the echo between bodies, which stands for conflicting forces within themselves. The power display of competing boys who want to impress each other with their "masculinity" and the echo through the years of injustice and resentment.


The performers will bring their turbulent inner world closer to the audience, with live-controlled video projections and live sound design.


The Search

Hissy Fit connects to Christian’s search of black body codes and definitions of black identity in Western society. Christian Guerematchi wants to open space for discussions about the ‘concept’ of Black Identity through the language of the body. For this he chooses an interdisciplinary approach, in which he deepens insight into different dance styles, which he analyzes, deconstructs and gives meaning in his own way. Connecting stories and dance; Christian creates a space for dialogue with his audience.


“I can recall the TV images of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992. As a young boy I was stunned by what I saw. At the same time I felt connected to this emotional outburst. Even now, this echo between bodies resounds through time.”- Christian Guerematchi.


About Christian Guerematchi

Christian Guerematchi is a Slovenian maker and performer with Central African roots. He danced with the National Ballet in Maribor under the direction of Edward Clug. In 2012 he was nominated for De Zwaan Best Dance Performance for his role in ROCCO by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. His makership started with White Noise (2019) in collaboration with Otion and in 2020 Christian created his solo performance N.A.M. – Non-Aligned Movement; an afro-futuristic journey to the Balkans. In the coming years, Christian will develop his choreographic artistry at ICK-Artist Space with the support of Fonds Podiumkunsten.



Concept & Direction: Christian Guerematchi

Choreography & Performance: Christian Guerematchi, Mark 'Brui5er' Sheats & Michael Wanga

Visuals & Scenography: STUDIO 10.04

Musical composition: Michael Wanga

Costumes: Jonathan Ho

Photography: Daniël Nicoletti

Dramaturgy: Nicole Geertruida

Illustration: Richard Kofi

Production: ICK Dance Amsterdam


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