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Igor Vrebac
Sat 26 Jan '19 21:00
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Joya Mooi
Sun 3 Feb '19 16:00
Nieuwe Makers Festival RRReuring
NMF RRReuring 2019: Kyabajo -
Jija Sohn
Wed 6 Feb '19 19:00
Nieuwe Makers Festival RRReuring
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Robin Block
Wed 6 Feb '19 20:30
Nieuwe Makers Festival RRReuring
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! Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE)
Thu 14 Mar '19 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek Sold out
Sun 7 Apr '19 20:00
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NMF RRReuring 2019: Kyabajo - Jija Sohn
Prices for this show:
€ 14.00
€ 12.00
Met studentenkorting/CJP/CKV voorverkoop
€ 8.00

NMF RRReuring 2019: Kyabajo
Jija Sohn

Wed 6 Feb '19 19:00
Nieuwe Makers Festival RRReuring

Kyabajo is een beeldende voorstelling waarin de rauwe kant van de mens gevierd wordt en het louche omarmd.

Jija Sohn worked in Tokyo as a kyabaj?, which can be translated as a bar-girl. After working as a performance artist for a few years now, Jija decided to bring the kyabaj? in a theatrical setting, exploring the role the hostess takes, the woman that’s behind the mask of the flirtatious bar-woman and playing with the typical power-roles and agency. At times flirtatious and humorous, other times dead serious and alienating, Jija Sohn’s disarming and sensual performance plays with the (un)ease of the spectator and activates all the senses.

The Japanese-Korean Jija Sohn graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam in 2015 and was selected as the first choreographer for the Moving Forward Trajectory. During this project she developed the performance Geishas Miracle, in which she plays with the traditions and modern times of Western and Japanese cultures. In her work Jija looks for ways to turn cultural diversity into a universal value, and where differences converge in one feeling or reality.

Choreography & Performance: Jija Sohn
Dramaturgy: Charlot van der Meer
Artistic Advice: Katarina Bakatsaki, Bruno Listopad
Light Design: Saskia de Vries
Sound Design: Kain Kroon, Steve Martin Snider
Costume & Scenography: Rosemarie Allaert
Producer: Dansmakers Amsterdam
Co-Producer: Podium Bloos, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Dansbrabant via PLAN

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Fri 8 Feb '19 19:00

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