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Soon at Podium Mozaïek
Ez Kî Me -
Meral Polat Trio
Fri 3 Mar '23 21:00
Puur -
Amsterdam Klezmer Band
Sat 11 Mar '23 21:00
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Great Granate Gala

Fri 16 Dec '22 , 19:30
, Spoken Word

Granate midwinter celebration and Granate award cermony

Granate closes its Words That Matter 2022 program with a dazzling midwinter party: Great Granate Gala. A gala in honor of the Female Poet, filled with poetry, dance and music. 30 female poets recite a short poem. This could be from their own work or a poem by another female poet.

Great Granate Gala is inspired by the literary masterpiece of the Persian poet Attar (1145-1221): “The Conversation of Birds”. In the poem, all the birds in the world come together to decide who will be their sovereign. The wisest of them all suggests that they must find the legendary Simorgh 1. He leads the birds to attain enlightenment. Each bird represents a human aberration that hinders humanity. At the end of the quest, when thirty remaining birds arrive at their destination exhausted, they realize there is no Simorgh and that together they form Simorgh.


But that is not all, in 2022 Granate will be 10 years old and in honor of this anniversary the first Granate prize will be awarded.

More information about the programme and ticketsales will follow soon.

If you have any questions about the Great Granate Gala and the Granate Award, please email Twan Vet:


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