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Mon 13 Nov '23 20:00
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Sat 2 Dec '23 20:30
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Koro Koro (0.5+) -
Wonderland Collectief
Sun 10 Dec '23 10:00
Koro Koro (0.5+) -
Wonderland Collectief
Sun 10 Dec '23 11:15
Hag -
Cézanne Tegelberg
Thu 21 Dec '23 20:00
Dans, Beeldend theater
Hag -
Cézanne Tegelberg
Thu 21 Dec '23 20:40
Dans, Beeldend theater
Hag -
Cézanne Tegelberg
Thu 21 Dec '23 21:20
Dans, Beeldend theater
by default DREAM -
Fara Tekan
Fri 22 Dec '23 20:30
Dans, Beeldend theater
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Cézanne Tegelberg

Thu 21 Dec '23 , 20:40
Dans, Beeldend theater

Cézanne Tegelberg's performance HAG plays 3 times. You buy a ticket for a specific timeslot. 

Wander through an intimate ritual as an invisible spectator.

The term ‘hag’ is used to oppress, to stigmatise, to curse, but she is so much more, the witch. She is the wise woman, the untamable, the clear one. She who refuses to adapt to our systems. She is the primal force, the razor sharp intuition from which many a modern woman shuts herself off in fear of being declared insane. Not this time. Not if it’s up to her. She is appearing everywhere,  everywhere, and she shall be free. With this performance we delve deep into the ocean of our collective memory in search of the primal female, the hag in all of us. In search of a song we have long forgotten. As invisible witnesses, we travel through a moving labyrinth and find ourselves ridiculously close to an intimate ritual of refinding and reclaiming. It is time we remember. It is time we return home. 

Maker Cézanne Tegelberg: “My daughter already learns at a toddler age that witches are bad and ghosts don't exist. End of story. But I love her, the witch. Grandmother Willow, Eucalypta, Kali, Baba Yaga. I admire that woman because she never apologizes for who she is. Perhaps being a witch is nothing more than a willingness to listen without judgment with all six of your senses. And then shamelessly be yourself. With this performance I want to free the witch - the witch in me, the witch in my daughter, the witch in the audience. No end of story. Start story.”

Sometimes it takes a little effort to remember how to see
how to listen
to feel 
without naming that which we perceive. 

For to name is to solidify - but everything is always in motion. 

So we travel…

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Direction/Concept: Cézanne Tegelberg 
Performers: Martine van Ditzhuyzen, Jinissa Meggi, Rhian Morris, Sylwia Niekolaas, Buket Pala Soydar Musicians Dymphi Peeters, Renato Penêda, Cézanne Tegelberg
Lighting design: Esther Love
Puppets: Cat Smits
Set & Costumes: Sylwia Niekolaas, Cézanne Tegelberg, Rhian Morris
Script: Cézanne Tegelberg
Technique: Esther Love, Jorrit van Rijn
Production: Zoë Horsten
Marketing: Dieke van der Spek, Leonie Poot, Buket Pala Soydar
Campaign image: Maartje de Groot
A production of Cézanne Tegelberg & Company in co-production with Cat Smits Company

More info about HAG:

About Cezanne Tegelberg & Company
Cézanne Tegelberg & Company creates immersive performances in theaters and on location. The international company creates atmospheric worlds in which everything is possible and in which the public can immerse themselves. Timeless stories that ignore the differences that time imposes on us. About growth and transience, holding on and letting go, perception and goosebumps.

"Cézanne Tegelberg makes the invisible visible" - The Hague Central

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