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ExpositieLanter & FanterCafé IstanbulClub Mozaiek LiveGastprogrammering
Trigger (try-out) -
Fri 13 Dec '19 21:00
Comedy Sold out
Feridun Düzağaç -
Cafe Istanbul
Sat 21 Dec '19 21:00
Café Istanbul - Muziek
9e Beethoven -
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE)
Thu 23 Jan '20 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek
Vier Letzte Lieder -
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE)
Thu 16 Apr '20 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek
Club Mozaïek Live: La Banda Fantástica (+ afterparty)
Fri 15 May '20 21:30
Club Mozaiek Live
Jeroen ter Welle -
Opening expositie
Thu 2 Jul '20 17:30
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Masters of Anatolian classics: Erkan Oğur, Derya Türkan & Coşkun Karademir -
Prices for this show:
€ 27.00
€ 25.00
Met studentenkorting/CJP/CKV voorverkoop
€ 20.00
Met Stadspas/ 65+ voorverkoop
€ 23.00
Met Mozaiekpas 2019-2020
€ 20.00

Masters of Anatolian classics: Erkan Oğur, Derya Türkan & Coşkun Karademir

Sat 7 Mar '20 21:00
Café Istanbul

Het klassieke in een nieuw daglicht

A new understanding of the classical

Café Istanbul is one of Podium Mozaïeks popular concertseries. Inspired by dazzling Istanbul, we invite you to antoher special edition, this time with the masters of Anatolian classicical music.

Everytime you listen back to Baglama, Kopuz, Vocal Anatolian music, a different story is being told. Time after time you will find an authentic, healing and new sound.

Old Music: Masters of Anatolian Classics present three grand names considered to be the pride of Turkish ethnic music.

Erkan Oğur,holds a signature for every Anatolian piece he recreated and performed with his fretless guitar and voice.

Derya Türkan, a reputable musician with his new music and extraordinary interpretation of classic pieces playing his Istanbul Kamancha.

And Coşkun Karademir a musical director who carried Anatolian and Sufi music to the center of international world music chamber with his non-conventional cooperations and projects.

Celebrate the end of winter with your family and friends and order your tickets now!

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