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Sat 26 Jan '19 21:00
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Sun 3 Feb '19 16:00
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Jija Sohn
Wed 6 Feb '19 19:00
Nieuwe Makers Festival RRReuring
NMF RRReuring 2019: Samudra -
Robin Block
Wed 6 Feb '19 20:30
Nieuwe Makers Festival RRReuring
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! Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE)
Thu 14 Mar '19 20:30
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Sun 7 Apr '19 20:00
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NMF RRReuring 2019: Samudra - Robin Block
Prices for this show:
€ 14.00
€ 12.00
Met studentenkorting/CJP/CKV voorverkoop
€ 8.00

NMF RRReuring 2019: Samudra
Robin Block

Wed 6 Feb '19 20:30
Nieuwe Makers Festival RRReuring

How does it feel to be part of many cultures on the one hand and of no culture at all on the other hand? How do you move, speak and sing in a strange language that yet seems so familiar?

Samudra means ‘ocean’ in Indonesian. After the Second World War and the Indonesian Independence, Robin’s grandparents had to flee the former Dutch colony in 1949. They crossed an ocean to build up a new life in the Netherlands, a country whose citizens they were officially, but where they had never been before, and did not particularly receive a warm welcome.
Almost 70 years later, Robin follows his grandparent’s trail in the opposite direction and crosses the ocean back to present-day Indonesia; in search of his roots, and of lost family.

Robin Block is a writer, musician and performer from Amsterdam. As a songwriter, he released several albums and played with DWDD, among others. He is also the founder of the music theater group Project Wildeman. Samudra is his debut as a storyteller. On the basis of personal stories he touches history between the Netherlands and Indonesia, and he tries to build a bridge between both cultures. In this solo performance he mixes storytelling with music, spoken word and the Indonesian martial art pencak silat.

Text, music and performance: Robin Block
Directed and co-created by Raphael Rodan
Light design: Mirko Lazovic
This performance was created with the support of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK).

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