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Soon at Podium Mozaïek
35Noord X Podium Mozaïek -
Fri 19 Apr '24 22:00
Open Stage
met nagesprek
Kitten of Vluchteling? -
Tina Farifteh
Sun 5 May '24 20:00
Film, Documentaire
AmsterDans | Internationale Danswedstrijd
Sat 18 May '24 13:00
AmsterDans | Internationale Danswedstrijd
Sun 19 May '24 13:00
Met afterparty!
Keturunan -
Cheroney Pelupessy
Sat 15 Jun '24 20:30
Dans, Film
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Met afterparty!

Cheroney Pelupessy

Sat 15 Jun '24 , 20:30
Dans, Film

(Bahasa Melayu - descendant)

Pride, shame, sorrow, honor, confusion? Which feeling comes up when we talk about ancestry, rooted in Indonesia, the Moluccas and the Netherlands?

The multidisciplinary program KETURUNAN expresses the perspective of descendants of ancestors who have been through a moving journey regarding their relationship with the Netherlands. Ancestors are important to the Moluccans and Indonesians for they are regarded as influential in the formation of both he current cultural identity as well as the cultural heritage. Honoring the ancestors is considered to be the connection to the past. In KETURUNAN, this history is taken into account, and a bridge is built to the current, younger generations.


“Kalo bukan skarang kapan lai, kalo bukan katong la sapa lai?”

– It's now or never. If we don't do it, then who will?


This art project is about connection in the broadest sensem, for its about the connection between the maker and performing artist, between different stories, different dance styles, between artist and audience. And it's also about an internal connection between different ethnicities that share common grounds. Although the current generation(s) themselves have not experienced the dissatisfaction of the complex history, they do feel the pain of our (ancestors) parents. The research process explores how these connections exist simultaneously.

“My vision is to produce a multidisciplinary art project in the form of photo reportage, documentary, and dance performance. To get closer to my Moluccan/Indonesian culture through the personal stories and experiences of other descendants. This research creates connection and community. During this process, we confront the painful but rich history we carry with us and express it in various art forms in tribute to all our ancestors.”

- Cheroney Pelupessy

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Concept & direction: Cheroney Pelupessy
Choreography: Cheroney Pelupessy
Dancers: Melissa Damayanti, Sascha Lekatompessy, Simon Mual, Mezack Sahetapy, Moya Wenno
Music design: Tom van Wee, Karindra Perrier
Costume design: Mirjam Manusama
Light: Simchah Hat
Documentary: Rijko Fernandez
Image & Design: Sjoerd Derine
Archive research: Lara Nuberg
Exhibition photo: Yara Jimmink
Advice: Ambonwhene Aratuaman
Production: ART&
Co-production Production house: Theater Rotterdam
Business management: Gi Au-Yeung

Direction & Choreography | Cheroney Pelupessy, @cheroneypelupessy
Dancers: @melissadamayanti, @sasleka, @simonmual, @mzckshtpy, @moyawenno
Music: @tomvanwee, @manusama.nuance
Production and Business Leader: @giauyeung

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