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Nev -
Cafe Istanbul
Sat 16 Nov '19 21:00
Café Istanbul - Muziek
The Unknown Chaplin -
UITVERKOCHT Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
Thu 21 Nov '19 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek Sold out
IDFA: Searching Eva
Wed 27 Nov '19 21:00
IDFA: Amussu + Q&A met de regisseur
Thu 28 Nov '19 14:00
IDFA: Sidik and the Panther
Thu 28 Nov '19 16:30
IDFA: In Mansourah, You Separated Us
Thu 28 Nov '19 21:15
IDFA: Midnight Family
Fri 29 Nov '19 16:30
IDFA: Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am
Fri 29 Nov '19 19:00
IDFA: Lemebel
Fri 29 Nov '19 21:30
IDFA: The Euphoria of Being
Sat 30 Nov '19 14:00
IDFA: Lil' Buck: Real Swan
Sat 30 Nov '19 16:15
IDFA: The Apollo + DJ 9.5
Sat 30 Nov '19 21:30
IDFA: Tiny Souls
Sun 1 Dec '19 11:30
IDFA: Love Child
Sun 1 Dec '19 13:30
Club Mozaiek Live: AAPNOOTMIES (+ afterparty)
Thu 12 Dec '19 21:30
Club Mozaiek Live - Muziek
Trigger (try-out) -
Rayen Panday
Fri 13 Dec '19 21:00
Feridun Düzağaç -
Cafe Istanbul
Sat 21 Dec '19 21:00
Café Istanbul - Muziek
9e Beethoven -
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE)
Thu 23 Jan '20 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek
Vier Letzte Lieder -
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE)
Thu 16 Apr '20 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek
Club Mozaïek Live: La Banda Fantástica (+ afterparty)
Fri 15 May '20 21:30
Club Mozaiek Live
Jeroen ter Welle -
Opening expositie
Thu 2 Jul '20 17:30
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IDFA: Amussu + Q&A met de regisseur -

IDFA: Amussu + Q&A met de regisseur

Thu 28 Nov '19 14:00

Marokko, Qatar. 99 min

A major silver producer has been the scourge of Imider, Morocco for many years, but the villagers aren’t planning on backing down. The community’s ongoing protest reflects their resilience and comradeship.

Director: Nadir Bouhmouch
Countr(ies) of Production: Morocco, Qatar
Length in Minutes: 99

For tickets, use this link:idfa-x-podiummozaiek
Ticket sales for friends of IDFA starts on Monday the 4th of november and regular sales start on Thursday the 7th of november.

During IDFA our restaurant serves a special IDFA menu

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The people living in the Moroccan village of Imider may be living alongside the biggest silver mine in Africa, but they aren’t reaping any benefits from it. In reality, the factory’s proximity makes their lives even more precarious. The mining activities have led to water scarcity, so while the silver producer is filling its pockets, the village is being literally sucked dry—at least it was until 2011, when local people sabotaged a pipeline to save their plantations.

Several years later, a protest camp has been established around the pipeline, as the villagers continue to suffer at the hands of industry and the local authorities. Violence and arrests are par for the course, but director Nadir Bouhmouch concentrates on the atmosphere of quiet resolve at the protest camp, where major concerns about the future are part of everyday life. “We don’t even know if we exist in the eyes of the government,” remarks an elderly man.

Nowadays, music and theater are used in new and more peaceful forms of protest. While it doesn’t look like the anonymous forces are going to yield anytime soon, this resilient community isn’t planning to back down, either.

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