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Nev -
Cafe Istanbul
Sat 16 Nov '19 21:00
Café Istanbul - Muziek
The Unknown Chaplin -
UITVERKOCHT Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
Thu 21 Nov '19 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek Sold out
IDFA: Searching Eva
Wed 27 Nov '19 21:00
IDFA: Amussu + Q&A met de regisseur
Thu 28 Nov '19 14:00
IDFA: Sidik and the Panther
Thu 28 Nov '19 16:30
IDFA: In Mansourah, You Separated Us
Thu 28 Nov '19 21:15
IDFA: Midnight Family
Fri 29 Nov '19 16:30
IDFA: Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am
Fri 29 Nov '19 19:00
IDFA: Lemebel
Fri 29 Nov '19 21:30
IDFA: The Euphoria of Being
Sat 30 Nov '19 14:00
IDFA: Lil' Buck: Real Swan
Sat 30 Nov '19 16:15
IDFA: The Apollo + DJ 9.5
Sat 30 Nov '19 21:30
IDFA: Tiny Souls
Sun 1 Dec '19 11:30
IDFA: Love Child
Sun 1 Dec '19 13:30
Club Mozaiek Live: AAPNOOTMIES (+ afterparty)
Thu 12 Dec '19 21:30
Club Mozaiek Live - Muziek
Trigger (try-out) -
Rayen Panday
Fri 13 Dec '19 21:00
Feridun Düzağaç -
Cafe Istanbul
Sat 21 Dec '19 21:00
Café Istanbul - Muziek
9e Beethoven -
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE)
Thu 23 Jan '20 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek
Vier Letzte Lieder -
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE)
Thu 16 Apr '20 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek
Club Mozaïek Live: La Banda Fantástica (+ afterparty)
Fri 15 May '20 21:30
Club Mozaiek Live
Jeroen ter Welle -
Opening expositie
Thu 2 Jul '20 17:30
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IDFA: In Mansourah, You Separated Us  -

IDFA: In Mansourah, You Separated Us

Thu 28 Nov '19 21:15

Algerije, Frankrijk. 78 min

For the first time since the Algerian War of Independence, witnesses talk about the rural resettlement camps, shedding light on an appalling and neglected episode in history. Why have people kept silent for all these years?

Director: Myriam Kellou
Countr(ies) of Production: Algeria, France
Length in Minutes: 78

For tickets, use this link:idfa-x-podiummozaiek
Ticket sales for friends of IDFA starts on Monday the 4th of november and regular sales start on Thursday the 7th of november.

During IDFA our restaurant serves a special IDFA menu

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For the first time since the Algerian War of Independence (1954­-962), Malek, the father of director Dorothée Myriam Kellou, returns to Mansourah, the village where he was born. During the war, the French Army forcibly transported more than two million Algerians to resettlement camps. Back in his childhood home, Malek and his daughter try to imagine what exactly happened, and why most people have remained silent about it for all these years. Few know about the destruction of the villages, yet the consequences for the rural people were huge.

We hear how during the war, in their fight against the Algerian National Liberation Front, the French Army set up a camp in Malek’s village. A witness looks back in horror at the truck in which he was transported as a boy to an unknown destination. According to an elderly man, the consequences of the forced resettlement are palpable to this day. We also hear from a traumatized man responsible for multiple murders. Their testimonies shed light on an appalling and neglected history.

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