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Wij volgen de richtlijnen van het RIVM. Hiervoor hebben we maatregelen genomen om o.a. 1,5 meter afstand te bewaren tussen bezoekers en personeel. Op deze manier kunnen we u veilig en met plezier ontvangen. Lees hier meer.
Soon at Podium Mozaïek
Expositie: De natuur en ons -
Bruno Filho
Thu 14 Jan '21 - Sun 7 Mar '21
Expositie - LNP
Expositie: Minne de Groot -
Aan gene zijde
Thu 11 Mar '21 17:30 - Sun 2 May '21
Expositie - LNP
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE) -
Cuba Blues
Thu 15 Apr '21 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek Sold out
Club Mozaïek Live: Secret Rendezvous + afterparty
Fri 11 Jun '21 21:30
Club Mozaiek Live - Muziek Sold out
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE) -
Thu 7 Oct '21 20:30
Voorpremière NBE - Muziek
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Expositie: De natuur en ons - Bruno Filho

Expositie: De natuur en ons
Bruno Filho

Thu 14 Jan '21 - Sun 7 Mar '21
Expositie - LNP

In harmonie met de natuur

In harmony with nature

We are all dealing with our health and with how to bring more harmony into our lives. Outside, around nature, during a long walk, our health can revive and flourish. Nature makes us happy again and it sometimes does so with a rainbow of colors.

In the exhibition De Natuur en ons, the artist Bruno Filho brings an explosion of colors, especially the mild and soft colors from nature. With these works the artist hopes to give the viewer stimulating and beneficial feelings to stimulate health and especially some cheerful thoughts ...
-nature also needs our care-

This exhibition De natuur en ons, by artist Bruno Filho runs from Thursday 14th January 2021 untill Sunday 7th March 2021. As soon as the doors are open to the public again, you can view these works.

Exhibitions in Podium Mozaïek
The café-restaurant and foyer of Podium Mozaïek offer exhibition space for changing exhibitions. Curated by artist Senad Alic, the exhibitions have turned into a fixed value in our program and in the design of the foyer and restaurant. Most of the works are for sale. For more information, please contact Miriam Mustamu at

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