Here I Am There

ma. 20 januari 2020

The street has been cleaned.

Everything else is in ruins.

This is not a city. It is a city in the trashbag.

House after house brought to its knees.

Battered into submission.

Limp walls about to collapse.

Draped in swirling clouds of dust.

Naked bedrooms.

Windows like black eyes.

Seeing nothing. Remembering nothing.

All trace of family life, of the children who grew up here, the smells of food on the table after sunset, the chatter in the grocery shops – all swept into the trashbag.

Cars and military vehicles flattened by the pounding of war.

Scattered like dice rolled across a junkyard.

Whatever purpose anything here was meant to have is gone.

Living rooms are obstacles. Streetlights a target. Courtyards a shelter for gunmen. Apartment blocks a deep sigh: no one is ever going to rebuild them. All energy has been sucked out of the air.

The dead are invisible. Dust and defeated bricks veil their existence.
They will be the only ones to remain. 

Deze tektst is een preview op de voorstelling Here I Am There door de Irakese acteur en regisseur Akram Assam. Akram staat op het RRReuring 2020 festival met op donderdag 30 januari de performance Here I Am There (Nieuw Werk). Vrijdag 31 januari speelt deze nieuwe maker zijn voorstelling The Turtle. Ga voor meer info en tickets naar: RRReuring.  

Gepost door: Akram Assam

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