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Herdenkingsjaar SlavernijverledenJulidansMozaïek Kids#female gaze
Binnenkort in Podium Mozaïek
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TASF: Standing on the Miraculous Field
Terra Norihiro Terazawa

za 4 nov '23 , 14:30
Studio 2

About nature and human nature

Deze voorstelling is Engelstalig.

"Standing on the Miraculous Field" is about nature, human and human nature.
In a heartfelt journey down memory lane, Terra and his girlfriend Lisa embark on a visit to a Japanese school, seeking to delve into the world of sustainable farming. To their surprise, they are met with an unusual request: to do absolutely nothing.

Through simple yet powerful storytelling and evocative symbolism, this performance beckons us to merge with the essence of nature.

"The play discusses themes of overabundance, lending an alternative philosophy to our social assumption that “bigger is better. It uses the ideologies of Nature Farming to challenge the flaws of commercialism. This show gives an excellent reason... to relax our constant strive for more, and it gifts us with an intimate example of gentle mercy."
— My Entertainment World

Terra Norihiro Terazawa is a natural farmer; and a storyteller.
With a background in business administration and a passport filled with global adventures, 
Terra plowed his acting skills in Israel and Germany and cultivated the art of storytelling in the UK and South Africa.

Terra's storytelling revolves around celebrating the depth of sadness and the magic of transformation, 
all delivered with a mischievous smile.

Raffi Feghali -Director
Daniel Green -Music
Gary Condes -Co-creator of the grand idea

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