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Herdenkingsjaar SlavernijverledenJulidansMozaïek Kids#female gaze
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TASF: By the light of the Silvery Moon
Aindrias de Staic

za 4 nov '23 , 22:00

A night of wild Irish wit, humour and irreverence

Deze voorstelling is Engelstalig.

Inspired by his work in folklore, nature and the traditional arts, Aindrias de Staic, an Irish bard, brings us on journeys through bumpy roads and hidden boreens through scary scenes and magical places. Just like the traditional storytellers before him, he’s wandering around the world with his violin, telling tales and short stories to eager audiences. And who knows, maybe his travels will lead to a new era of storytelling. 

The stories in the show include tales of villages lost to the sea, misadventures of wandering musicians, humorous recitations, abridged folkloric myths, and of course his own self-penned outrageous tales of otherworldly events 'The Horse Dance/Covered in Concrete'. 

Aindrias de Staic
Leading a revival in new Irish storytelling, Aindrias de Staic's rhythmic and energetic approach to storytelling has won many awards in recent years, including an All Ireland medal at the Fleadh Cheoil in Mullingar and a Celtic Media Award 2018 in Wales.

Aindrias style is a fast paced, lively new approach to the ancient Irish art form yet his work is firmly rooted in the traditional storytelling styles of the west of Ireland.The great rhythmic accompaniment, brings a fresh new bounce and panache to the Irish stories. 

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