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TASF: Goodbye Erdoğan
Betal Özay

zo 5 nov '23 , 17:00

This Fringe winner shows the depths of the Turkish courthouse

Deze voorstelling is Engelstalig.

In the depths of the world's grandest courthouse lies a hidden treasure trove - an evidence room brimming with real and surreal artefacts utilised in the commission of heinous crimes.

Enter Sevki Duru, the enigmatic ruler of this subterranean realm, poised to unveil his most prized possessions: a captivating collection of crime weapons, each with its own remarkable tale. Hailing from a land where Big Brother still reigns supreme, Duru arrives with a daring agenda. But be forewarned - his motives remain shrouded in mystery. Is he merely a humble clerk, as he professes, or a masterful raconteur, a cunning fraudster, or perhaps a desperate asylum seeker? The verdict is yours to render. All rise, and let justice be served.

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Betal Özay started his professional journey as a lawyer in Istanbul, but he took a different path by founding a music label called LU Records and a digital platform named ArtsMap. After relocating to Amsterdam, he graduated from the Mezrab Storytelling School. Since then, he has created various stage performances, including "Silaba," "BioPower," "Wicked Monster," and "Goodbye Erdogan," which won the Amsterdam Best of Fringe Award in 2022.
Currently, he is working as a producer on the stage adaptation of "Time Regulation Institute," one of the greatest Turkish novels of the twentieth century, and a music documentary called "Turkadelica," which follows the story of Turkish Psychedelic Music. He also teaches Creativity and Law at Kadir Has University Law School as a part-time lecturer.

Betal Özay - Artist, Abhishek Thapar - Director, Mey Rahimi - Production Designer

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