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Mem u Zin
Rast Theater

ma 13 nov '23 , 20:00

In Kurdish with Dutch subtitles.

Mem û Zîn is a Kurdish love story with mythological elements. It has been told for hundreds of years by various dengbêjs* and storytellers. For this reason, there are dozens of versions of the epic. It is known that the love story originated from the epic of Memê Alan. The version used in this play is based on the surviving record of the famous dengbêj Reso. Mem û Zîn deals with themes such as betrayal, courage, friendship, injustice and of course the great love of Mem and Zîn.
Directed by Mirza Metin, the play is staged with a minimal aesthetic. It is not conceived as a classical play, but as a ritualistic storytelling. The play tries to reveal the unconscious of the epic through metaphors and create a magical ritual. The drum, grains and stage lights controlled by the performers serve the rhythm and visuality of this ceremony and traditional Kurdish dances create an ecstatic energy.

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Source: Dengbêj Reso
Concept, direction, music and lighting design: Mîrza Metîn
Performers: Pelda Bal, Kenan Demir, Roni Dildar
Photos: Baris Eviz, Khaled Saeidpour
Assistance: Robin Özel
Premiere 03.11.2021, Batman (TR)

*Dengbêj: Traditional Kurdish story teller

2022 - Mem û Zîn, XXII Direklerarası Audiences Awards (Turkey), Best Actor: Kenan Demir
2022 - Mem û Zîn, 17th Saqqez Kurdish Theatre Festival (Kurdistan/Iran), Best Lighting Design: Mirza Metin
2022 - Mem û Zîn, 17th Saqqez Kurdish Theatre Festival (Kurdistan/Iran), Best Music Design: Mirza Metin

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