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Sipan Sezgin Tekin, Roleda Yunus Bilir

vr 3 nov '23 , 21:30
Storytelling, Theater
Studio 2

Come and learn how to sing in a language which is fraught with historical suppressions and bans

Deze voorstelling is Engelstalig.

YEK/E is one of the editions of The Absent Academy format where knowledge that has been attempted to be erased throughout history, subjected to suppressions, is resurrected, brought back to the forefront, and undergoes a fresh examination.

In this performance, participants will learn a song in one of the oldest languages, fraught with historical suppressions and bans, and they will explore the possibilities of performing this song.

Sipan Sezgin Tekin
Sipan Sezgin Tekin (Born in Diyarbakir/Kurdistan 1996 TR/NL) is a performer, theatre maker, and storyteller. In his work, his concern is investigating political and historical narratives by embodied use of language in order to create experiential theatrical/performative situations.

Roleda Yunus Bilir
Roleda Yunus Bilir, who is originally from Kurdistan, is an artist with a passion for theater, music, and songwriting. He blends Kurdish culture with various musical styles.Since arriving in the Netherlands, Roleda has been part of several theater productions. These experiences have showcased his versatility as an actor and music maker.

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