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TASF: Talk ‘Black Lives Matter’
Len and Sheila

za 4 nov '23 , 17:30
Studio 2

How can we fight injustice with art?

Deze Talk is Engelstalig.

The death of George Floyd shocked people around the world. Murals were painted on walls in Amsterdam and even Tehran. For the black community  in America it was an episode in a struggle which had never lost its urgency. With our American guests Sheila Arnold and Len Cabral we talk about how social inequality has influenced their art, as well as how they see their art as a tool in fighting the injustices they perceive.

Sheila Arnold
Sheila Arnold has a talent for storytelling, a passion for history, and a compassion for people. She provides Storytelling, Historic Character Presentations, Christian Monologues, and Professional Development for schools, festivals, churches, and organizations nationally and internationally.  She is co-founder and Artistic Director of Artists Standing Strong Together (ASST), a source of inspiration, strength and action in the storytelling world.  Sheila has bee honored as a co-recipient of the 2021 National Storytelling Network Distinguished Service Award, 2021 MacDowell Artist Fellow, a 2020 Mt. Vernon Research Fellow and a 2019 Hewnoaks Artist Colony summer residence Noted Artist. Sheila lives in Hampton, VA near her son, grandsons, and parents.

Len Cabral
Len Cabral is an internationally acclaimed storyteller who has been enchanting audiences with his storytelling performances since 1976. A great grandson of a Cape Verdean whaler whose grandparents immigrated to America from the islands off the coast of West Africa, Len’s strong Cape Verdean ancestry comes alive in his exuberant retelling of African, Cape Verdean, and Caribbean folktales as well as original stories and tales from around the world. Len is a popular storyteller at theaters, schools and festivals throughout the United States and has performed at festivals in Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Holland and Canada.

Sheila Arnold and Len Cabral perform at this year’s edition of the festival: Sheila Arnold with her solo show “Ties That Bind”, Len Cabral with his solo show “Stories of Color from Around the World”. They also perform together a show called “Talk that Talk, Song that Song'', about the adventures of Br’er Rabbit. Make sure to check out their works!

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