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Binnenkort in Podium Mozaïek
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Podium Mozaïek op locatie: De Vlugt

Roots & Wings: Bacarita
Kim Leiwakabessy

zo 17 dec '23 , 13:00
Broedplaats De Vlugt

Shared dialogue on lost cultural heritage

BACARITA is a shared dialogue. During the ROOTS & WINGS programme this shared dialogue is dedicated to the revival of 'lost' cultural heritage. The Bacarita  collective intention circle will delve into the rich tapestry of cultural histories that may have faded but hold immense significance.

Imagine a talking circle, a dynamic space where diverse voices converge to discuss the revival of 'lost' cultural heritage. Despite our varied roots and cultural backgrounds, we navigate a multicultural world with intersecting crossroads. During this dialogue, our aim is to unearth pieces of 'lost' cultural heritage within each participant's community. Together, we take a meaningful step towards reviving these cultural gems.

As the talking circle draws to a close, participants are invited to join a collective intention circle, where they can share their aspirations for the next phase of cultural heritage revival. The intimate setting allows for 6-8 individuals to actively participate, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience.

The Bacarita – shared dialogue is led Kim Leiwakabessy, a visionary in personal development  and interactive art using recycled materials. Kim intricately weaves her Moluccan culture into her creations, sparking a thoughtful exploration of the role of cultural heritage in shaping one's identity.

Join us in this unique and empowering dialogue, where the threads of 'lost' cultural heritage are woven back into the vibrant fabric of our shared human experience.


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ROOTS & WINGS  is een programma van Podium Mozaïek OP LOCATIE, waarbij in cocreatie met multidisciplinaire kunstenaars uit Amsterdam interactieve programma’s, workshops en activiteiten worden gehost rondom de thema’s identiteit en (nieuw) cultureel erfgoed. Met ROOTS & WINGS wil Podium Mozaiek ruimte maken voor rituelen, ceremonies en programma’s gericht op zorg en heling van de gemeenschappen in Amsterdam.  

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