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Henna Night Reimagined: Unveiling the Spectrum of Self
Can Bora

vr 9 feb '24 , 19:00
, Nieuwe Makers
Studio 1

Tradition Reshaped, Love Re-experienced: Henna Night Unveiled.

Henna Night Reimagined transforms the traditional Turkish Henna Night. This rite of passage is typically centered around women and societal norms. However, Henna Night Reimagined is a thought-provoking show that celebrates self-liberation through a queer narrative. In contrast to the traditional Henna Night, which is often characterized by a sad and devaluing tone, this speculative performance is a celebration of the human experience.

About Can Bora
Can Bora is a queer cross-disciplinary artist-researcher. With an extensive background in theatre, dance, and video art, his work often focuses on the sensing body. He aims to re-examine systems and structures through the materiality of the body. His recent projects deal with pivotal topics such as national image, hospitality, eroticism, and the speculation of the senses.

This artistic project is funded by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst & Amarte Fonds. 

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