Bestel het passe partout

Information about the Passe-partout:

The Passe-partout costs €75 and provides access to the following performances (1 - 10):

October 30th:

  1. James Rowland - A Hundred Different Words for Love + Opening Storytelling festival (ENG)

October 31st :

  1. James Rowland - Team Viking (ENG)

November 1st:

  1. Margo van de Linde – Andy (ENG)
  2. Roie Biran - What does it take? (to be me) (ENG)

November 2nd:

  1. Onias Landveld – Wortels en Cassave (NL)
  2. Marjolein Frijling - Fogo Correndo - Lopend Vuur (NL)
  3. Xanthe Gresham Knight -  Epic Heroines from Ancient Persia (ENG)

November 3rd:

  1. Thomas Kok - The Dark Side of Porn (ENG)
  2. Cené Hale - The Great Deception (ENG)
  3. George Elias Tobal  - Kinderen van Aleppo (NL)


Next to the performances listed above you can also reserve a seat to 4 of the performances listed below (11 - 21):

October 31st:

  1. Phil Kay – The Psychedelicious (ENG)
  2. Raksha Hoost – Dr Jekyll and Miss Hyde (ENG)

November 1st:

  1. Phil Kay – Cosmicstoryspinner (ENG)
  2. Jake W Francis, Skin & Bone Theatre – Filth (ENG)
  3. Jaqueline Korevaar – De grijns van een Djin (NL)

November 2nd:

  1. Milda Varnauskaite & Marie Phillips – A La Carte (ENG)
  2. Steve Lally – Into the Infinite Sea (ENG)
  3. Jake W Francis, Skin & Bone Theatre – Filth (ENG)
  4. Portretten 1: Ismael Bnaou, Wies Dinsbach en Jaouad Hadchoune
  5. Portretten 2: Fatma Geneidi, Yoni Yosef en Lisa van der Zant

November 3rd:

20. Steve Lally – Drinking Songs & Stories (ENG)

21. Veerle Ernalsteen – Alles op en nog meer gelust (NL)

22. Eric Borrias – Achter Glas (NL)


Making a reservation for the shows listed above (11 – 21) is mandatory.

We recommend making your reservations quickly due to very limited seating.

To make your reservations; send an email to with your full name and a list of the 4 performances you wish to attend.