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TASF: Workshop Liberation of the Voice
Yinske Silva

za 4 nov '23 , 11:00
Studio 2

Get to know your own voice and liberate it!

Deze workshop is Engelstalig.

How to use your voice freely on a stage, so that it carries your performance?... In this workshop Yinkse Silva coaches you to explore your relationship with your own voice, by using body, breath, psyche and imagination.
In 3 hours full of learning and excitement you will get to know your own voice better. And… by knowing your voice you can liberate it!

Yinske Silva
Next to being a singer Yinske is a seasoned improviser. She started at the age of 19 with jazz scatting and worked through many, many forms of improvisation through workshops and performance groups. She’s a member of the Genetic Choir for nearly 15 years, organises Roy Hart Theatre workshops in the Netherlands, recently initiated House of Voice, teaches voice at the Mezrab Storytelling School, theaterschool De Trap and occasionally at other performance institutes and theatre companies.
When she’s not performing, presenting or teaching voice she is coaching and training in the fields of self development, Voice Dialogue, diversity & inclusion and (self) presentation.

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